i3 LearnHub


i3LEARNHUB was developed using the input and considering the needs of both teachers and learners. With its simple interface stripped of all clutter and offering just the essentials, it mimics the simplicity of traditional teaching tools.

Why should you choose i3LEARNHUB interactive learning suite?




i3LEARNHUB is so easy to use everyone can create lessons instantly, even without training. The software is free of clutter and contains only the necessary functions. It recognizes all popular multitouch gestures, which allows you to teach intuitively.

Intuitive experience


i3LEARNHUB is the ONLY software in the world that recognizes physical tools. Experience true collaboration by working with your physical measurement tools on your digital board or display. Students will not only understand things better, they will love it!



Prepare and deliver lessons anywhere and anytime. Involve students and grab their attention with polling, 1:1 learning and collaborative learning in your connected classroom. i3LEARNHUB works fine on any web enabled device.

Save money


Save money while choosing for i3LEARNHUB. Enjoy the latest learning suite on your existing devices and grow the return on your investment. Use the software on your own tablet, smartphone, laptop or even an old computer.

Save time


Save precious time using ready made content. i3LEARNHUB contains not only a rich library of tools and images, it has a growing i3 community with lessons of teachers all over the world. It even has an integrated web browsing window in case you don’t find what you are looking for. Have a Dropbox account? Connect it to i3LEARNHUB and access your personal media files from within your lesson.

Multi user


Allow multiple students to work simultaneously on the same whiteboard. Split the whiteboard by a click of a button, so multiple users can work at the same time, on the same surface, each using different tools. Now you can really enjoy your 10-touch device!

No installation


i3LEARNHUB requires no installation, meaning you can instantly log in on anyone’s device and access your existing lessons. Access your lessons at anytime and share them according to your wishes. i3LEARNHUB allows you to save lessons to the community, your personal space or your school’s platform.

Worry free


Give teachers the comfort of using 1 platform on new and legacy hardware. i3LEARNHUB works perfect on all interactive solutions, no matter the brand or type. This allows teachers to present their lessons in any classroom, using their familiar platform.

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