One of the services we provide to the educational community is consultancy. At GIMPEX Learning Technologies, we provide our consultancy services for schools, centres and educational institutions.

Our work brings together extensive experience and academic excellence to provide a comprehensive consultancy service, from initial needs analysis to delivery and follow-up.

GIMPEX Learning Technologies sends consultants and trainers to help with practical advice and training in the fields of Education Technologies.


Consultancy in Steps

Consultancies usually consist of an appropriate combination of research, needs analysis, proposal presentation, course or service delivery, evaluation, and follow-up.


  •  Research
Providing the best possible advice and service depends on knowing of best practices in training around the world. The combined experience of GIMPEX Learning Technologies consultancy team allows us to research the best possible practical solutions for each orgnisation.


  • Needs Analysis
Finding solutions involves knowing what the real needs of the stakeholders are. As a consequence of the carried out research, we are able to take an objective view of the needs of all parties involved and deliver a sustainable training solution.


  • Proposal Presentation
Before the implementation of any change, we propose a solution to everybody involved and demonstrate how it will affect them. We pride ourselves both on the clarity of our proposed solutions and on our ability to communicate effectively with everyone involved in the changes.


  • Delivery
GIMPEX Learning Technologies has a reputation for high quality service delivery. We can prepare and present sessions or courses for individuals or groups of any size, either in the organisation’s campus or elsewhere.


  • Evaluation
An important part of every consultancy is to look at how well it is working. We believe that it is important to consider how to measure success as part of the overall planning. So, evaluation is built in from the outset.


  • Follow-Up
Training and development solutions are rarely achievable through a single change event. Most involve a gradual process of change. At GIMPEX Learning Technologies, we recognise this and we offer a follow-up service to complement the other parts of the package.

We regard complete involvement and agreement as being the best possible way of achieving results. We therefore see every part of the process as negotiable with those involved. We do not offer solutions from outside; we talk to the people involved and work out the answers with them.

 What Do We Do?

We talk about the needs, review the situation and present a solution. Then we design materials development and methodology course. We deliver the course in an agreed location and also offer to train one or more of the local, senior members of staff to deliver the course in future.


POC (Proof of Concept)

It is our responsibility to find out what best fits your needs by allowing educators and educational institutions to have a trial period of the technology before deciding on the solution. It determines the technological capability in supporting educators and ensuring the required student learning outcomes. Results are to be measured according to the latest international standards which are tailored and customized to our desired culture and work environment.

BOQ (Bill of Quantity)

We align with the vision and culture of your institution. We expand our mission to help you choose the suitable hardware devices suited best for your allocated budget and personal or class capacity.

Education consultancy

We transform theory and practice of teaching, learning and assessment through technology and revise your organization structure in order to help you examine internal and external motivators for curriculum change. Our knowledgeable team will work with you and your team to develop student results. Together we’ll identify and clarify best practices and build on them to refine shared outcomes.

Follow up & Evaluation

Our follow up phases guarantees our best attention to the success of your organization. Just by enhancing our products and services, we’ll surround you with our, regular follow up services which are customized in; site-visits, face to face engagements, and exploratory surveys. Besides, we’ll always keep you informed about our latest updates and upcoming events.