We transform teaching and learning through the effective use of Educational Solutions.

At GIMPEX Education Technologies we are helping to change a culture. We are motivated, committed and passionate about making a difference to peoples’ lives. And we have the skills, the creativity and the products to make that happen … they are constantly updated to ensure GIMPEX stays in the front line of educational technology and methodology.


Our products have empowered us to go into schools, train the teachers and inspire students at different stages to enjoy all the benefits of being engaged, interactive, collaborative and to gain 21st century skills.

The key to how we operate is in providing solutions and to this end we are supportive, innovative and open minded. Here at GIMPEX we believe in what we preach and we have funded installing Interactive  Boards in many schools in Egypt, in addition to providing the training on their use.

Our involvement comes from the heart and we always strive to supply the highest quality and the best value. We believe in the benefits of the systems not simply to teach, but in creating strategies, building independence and giving teachers and students with different learning styles the opportunities and equipment to fulfill their potential and change their lives in order to contribute to the community.